Scaling-up health emergency preparedness and response capacities in the European Region

19 February 2019

Article: 53/0704

The World Health Organisation (WHO) Regional Office for Europe is supporting its member states in scaling up their health emergency preparedness and response capacities through a series of capacity building initiatives.

Outbreaks and health emergencies continue to reveal that they can happen in any country, at any time. This requires all countries to prioritize and prepare for different types of health threats, such as infectious diseases, natural disasters, conflicts or environmental risks. A critical part of this preparation is capacity building through training and simulation exercises, which are essential for enhancing International Health Regulations (IHR) core capacities throughout the region.

An Action Plan, tailored to meet the needs of the European Region, has been developed. The Action Plan has been devised as a call for all countries to strengthen or maintain emergency response capacities through, for example, training and opportunities to practice and review new and existing capacities, with a needs-based approach to capacity building being an important component of the plan.

Source: WHO Europe, 11 February 2019