World No Tobacco Day, 31 May 2020

26 May 2020

Article: 54/2104

This year’s World No Tobacco Day focuses on preventing young people using tobacco and nicotine products, by aiming to: 

  • Debunk myths and expose tactics employed by the tobacco and related industries, particularly marketing strategies targeted at young people, including the introduction of new and novel products and flavours. 
  • Equip young people with knowledge about the intentions and tactics used by the tobacco and related industries to encourage current and future generations in the use of tobacco and nicotine products. 
  • Empower influencers in pop culture, social media, the home and classroom to protect and defend young people and catalyse change by engaging them in the fight against tobacco and related industries. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) website provides more information and resources to support the campaign. 

Source: WHO, May 2020