Rabies in a traveller arriving in Japan from the Philippines

02 June 2020

Article: 54/2203

The city government of Toyohashi, in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, has reported that a traveller from the Philippines has been diagnosed with rabies. The patient was bitten by a dog in the Philippines in September 2019, and arrived in Japan in February 2020 before showing symptoms of rabies on 11 May 2020. Analysis of the virus showed a strong similarity to known rabies viruses found in the Philippines. The patient remains seriously ill in hospital.

Travellers should be aware that any animal contact in a rabies endemic area poses a potential risk of infection and are advised to seek medical attention straightaway if bitten or scratched by an animal. They should also be aware that an effective rabies vaccination is available.

The risk of terrestrial rabies for any particular country can be checked on the individual pages of the TRAVAX (for health professionals) and fitfortravel (for the general public) websites.

Post-exposure rabies guidance is available on the TRAVAX and fitfortravel websites.

Source: TRAVAX, 28 May 2020