CAFS – air quality public attitudes and behaviour report

01 September 2020

Article: 54/3507

The Scottish Government has published a review of the existing evidence on public attitudes and behaviour related to air pollution, in order to inform the draft of the new Cleaner Air for Scotland (CAFS) strategy.

The following are objectives of the literature review:

• Identify, review and synthesise up-to-date evidence on Scottish public attitudes, perceptions and behaviours towards air quality, to understand the key findings, robustness of the evidence base and any outstanding gaps in the evidence.
• Identify and review recent approaches to engaging the public on air quality, to understand effectiveness, limitations and applicability in different contexts.
• Make recommendations for a public engagement strategy for air quality as part of the planned public consultation on the new CAFS strategy.

Based on the range of studies identified in this review, there appears to be a strong awareness of, and engagement with, air quality and climate change issues in certain sectors of society in Scotland. There are however, significant barriers to engagement and behaviour change,  particularly amongst deprived communities.

Source: Scottish Government, 21 August 2020