FSS launches consultation on allergen information for prepacked foods

13 October 2020

Article: 54/4105

On 6 October 2020, Food Standards Scotland (FSS) launched a public consultation on the proposed amendments to the Food Information (Scotland) Regulations 2014, which requires food sold prepacked for direct sale (PPDS) to be labelled with the name of the food and ingredients information.

The consultation aims to improve information about the allergens and other ingredients in these foods, which are generally packaged at the same place they are being sold, before being offered to consumers.

Examples of PPDS foods include:

• sandwiches placed into packaging by a food business and sold from the same premises
• foods that are pre-weighed and packed, such as cheese or meats from a deli counter or baked goods from an in-store baker
• fresh pizzas from a deli counter, for example on a cardboard tray and wrapped in plastic
• boxed salads

The new allergen labelling requirements are intended to apply to PPDS foods in Scotland from 1 October 2021.

FSS is also consulting on technical guidance for food businesses to provide information on substances and products causing food allergies and intolerances. A partial business and regulatory impact assessment concerned with the costs and impacts of these amendments accompanies this consultation.

FSS is also seeking views from food businesses, local authorities, consumers (particularly those with, or who buy food on behalf of someone with, a food allergy or intolerance), health professionals and other stakeholders, with the consultation running until 4 December 2020.

Source: FSS, 6 October 2020