Environmental incidents – SEISS report (carbon monoxide leak)

04 February 2020

Article: 54/508

The Scottish Environmental Incident Surveillance System (SEISS) recorded the following incident in the past week: 

  • More than a dozen homes and businesses in a South Lanarkshire town were evacuated on 2 February 2020, following a suspected carbon monoxide leak. The emergency services were called to The Clock bar in Cambuslang at about 6pm after customers became unwell amid reports of a ‘chemical smell’. A specialist unit to contain chemical spills was sent to the scene in Main Street, along with three fire engines. Thirteen properties were evacuated, including the pub and several homes. A Police Scotland spokesman said a number of people were checked over but had not suffered any lasting effects. Gas engineers from Scotland's emergency gas response network SGN attended and isolated the gas supply to the pub, before performing a safety check on the property and surrounding area. It is understood that, during final checks, engineers did not find any trace of carbon monoxide. This incident was reported by BBC news.

More detailed information can be found on the SEISS website.