EEA releases report on sustainable mobility in cities

11 February 2020

Article: 54/607

The European Environment Agency (EEA) has published a report on sustainable urban transport, assessing how green and sustainable ‘first and last mile’ transport options like bicycles, scooters or other means of short distance travel can transform mobility systems in cities. The report also assesses how innovative urban freight and inner city delivery services can make urban freight transport more sustainable.

Short start or end journeys are part of the daily commute. Bus, rail and metro services often cover the main part of trips to and from work, but people still need to first walk, drive or use another way to get to and from the nearest station or stop. Better first-mile, last-mile or only-mile journeys have the potential to bring down car use, potentially reducing traffic congestion, emissions and improving air quality.

A separate EEA briefing on the environmental and climate impacts of transport finds that emissions of greenhouse gases from transport continue to increase, as demand for mobility across Europe keeps growing.

Source: EEA, 3 February 2020