Guidelines for the public health management of tetanus, botulism or anthrax among people who use drugs

Publication Date: 23 March 2017

This document provides guidance on the public health management of illnesses caused by spore-forming bacteria (SFB) among people who inject drugs (PWID).

The guidance focuses on the three infections that are considered to be a continuin​g, significant risk to public health and that are commonly encounteredin an outbreak context, namely tetanus, botulism and anthrax.

The principles of the approach can, however, also be applied to incidents of severe illness among PWID caused by other pathogenic SFB which may have a significant health impact -for example Clostridium histolyticum, Clostridium perfringens, Clostridium sordellii and Clostridium novyi.

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Health Protection Scotland
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Guideline and Guidance


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