Implementation of HIV PrEP in Scotland: First Year Report

Publication Date: 26 February 2019

​​​HIV PrEP is an effective, novel, prophylactic biomedical intervention comprising of two HIV antiretroviral drugs. It is prescribed to HIV negative people - especially men who have sex with men (MSM) - at risk of becoming infected sexually as part of a comprehensive approach to HIV prevention.

Scotland is one of the first countries worldwide to have successfully established a HIV PrEP (HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) service which is national, free at the point of delivery and, to date, generally accessible to most deemed at highest risk of acquiring HIV. 

This report is published on behalf of the HIV PrEP National Coordination Group and is from the first year of the HIV PrEP service from July 2017 to June 2018. It covers: 

  • implementation
  • monitoring 
  • uptake 
  • preliminary data on outcomes​

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