Influenza Outbreak Control Measure Trigger Tool for Hospitals

Publication Date: 27 March 2019

This Influenza Outbreak Trigger Tool is designed for the control of influenza outbreaks in hospitals and should be used when there is evidence of ongoing transmission in the healthcare facility (or the potential for nosocomial transmission).

The Influenza Outbreak Trigger Tool ​​comprises:

  • ​roles and responsibilities table
  • an assessment to determine if the trigger presents a risk
  • a key Information sheet
  • a​ checklist of everything that needs done at Day 0 (when the trigger is recognised)
  • a daily checklist for every day until the outbreak stops being a risk to people

There is also general information on:

  • respiratory hygiene
  • transferring patients to care homes

Please note: this Trigger Tool is not suitable for the control of MERS CoV or Avian influenza.

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Health Protection Scotland
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Guideline and Guidance