Integrated guidance on health clearance of healthcare workers and the management of healthcare workers infected with bloodborne viruses (hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV)

Publication Date: 01 October 2017

The guidance as been approved for use in Scotland by the Scottish Health Protection Network Guidance Group (SHPN-GG). The guidance should be used in conjunction with the SHPN addendum.​

This integrated guidance on health clearance of healthcare workers and the management of healthcare workers infected with bloodborne viruses brings together the current guidance on the management of blood-borne viruses in healthcare workers; it includes guidance on clearance and monitoring of healthcare workers who undertake exposure-prone procedures and advice on the investigation and management of any healthcare workers found to have a blood-bornevirus.

The diagnosis and treatment of blood-borne viruses is a rapidly evolving field, with new highly effective treatments being used which change the impact of blood-borne virus infection on a healthcare worker’s ability to practice. As new developments come into use, the UK Advisory Panel will review their impact on existing recommendations and guidance will be updated accordingly.

While this guidance does not represent a policy change, there are some new elements including:

  • tThe concept of ‘exposure-prone environment’ has been added
  • there are changes in the arrangements for testing and reporting of results for hepatitis B (testing is now permitted in accredited laboratories rather than being restricted to ‘designated laboratories’)
  • additional information has also been published for the first time about arrangements for patient notification exercises​

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