Overseas outbreaks of infectious intestinal disease 2017

Publication Date: 12 June 2018

This report presents information from the surveillance system that HPS uses to collect ‚Äčand¬†disseminate information on potential outbreaks of infectious intestinal disease believed to have been acquired abroad. A potential outbreak of infectious intestinal disease occurring abroad is defined as two or more confirmed cases of infection or at least one confirmed case where others are alleged to have been ill.

In 2017, information was circulated concerning 35 potential outbreaks of infectious intestinal disease in persons returning to Scotland from abroad. This was a decrease compared to the 47 potential overseas outbreaks reported in 2016. Between 2003 and 2017 the average number of potential overseas outbreaks has been 57 but with considerable year-on-year variation.

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Health Protection Scotland
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Surveillance Report


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