Pan Celtic Collaborative Surgical Site Infection Surveillance Report - Surveillance of surgical site infection for caesarean section procedures performed in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales in 2008

Publication Date: 24 December 2010

The Pan Celtic Network includes the surveillance programmes from the Northern Ireland Healthcare Associated Infection Surveillance Centre (HISC), the Welsh Healthcare Associated Infection Programme (WHAIP) and the Health Protection Scotland (HPS) Scottish Surveillance Healthcare Associated Infection Programme (SSHAIP).

A total of 22151 caesarean section procedures were reported to participating countries of the Pan Celtic Network during 2008. This report presents details of these procedures and the surgical site infections (SSIs) detected in this patient population. Characteristics of patients, including age and body mass index (BMI), undergoing a caesarean section varied marginally between countries within the Pan Celtic Network. There is also marginal variation related to management and care of procedures between countries within the Pan Celtic network. This included for duration of surgery the median ranging from 35 minutes in Northern Ireland to 40 minutes in Scotland and the interquartile range (IQR) of post operative length of stay from three to four days in Northern Ireland, two to three days in Wales and two to four days in Scotland.

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Annual Report