Protocol for Surveillance of Antimicrobial Resistance in Urinary Isolates in Scotland

Publication Date: 23 December 2011

​​​​The aim of the antimicrobial (AMR) surveillance of urinary isolates is to strengthen and complement the existing national programme on antimicrobial resistance in bacteraemias by providing early warnings on emerging multidrug resistant strains and changes in proportions of resistance in commonly isolated urinary organisms. 

This will be obtained through quarterly monitoring of antimicrobial resistance in a subset of urinary specimens from all NHS boards using standardised susceptibility testing methodology, by detecting and reporting:

  • changes in antimicrobial resistance proportions
  • changes in proportions of ESBL (E. coli)
  • changes in proportions of multidrug resistance (MDR)
  • emerging carbapenemase producing organisms (and typing results) ​

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