Public Health Action in Response to Detecting High Levels of Lead in Drinking-Water. Good Practice Guidance for Health Protection Teams in Scotland

Publication Date: 15 December 2016

The updated version of the CPHM (Health Protection) Group Good Practice ‘Guidance Note’ is a revised version of the original Interim Guidance issued in 2012. It has been reviewed by the CPHM (HP) Group to update weblinks and other factual material.

The CPHM (HP) Group agreed that the profess​ional advice provided in this ‘Guidance Note’ is still fit-for-purpose and therefore a complete review of the content was not considered necessary. The ‘Guidance Note’ represents a consensus view on good practice agreed by the CPHM (HP) Group for use as a guide to the investigation of incidents involving elevated lead concentrations in drinking-water supplies, especially in domestic (household) and non-domestic settings (for example schools).

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Guideline and Guidance