Urinary Tract Infection Surveillance Pilot in Facilities Caring for Older People September to November 2013

Publication Date: 07 August 2014

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) and Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection (CAUTI) are a patient and resident safety concern in Scotland within hospitals and care home settings for older people. It has been demonstrated from point prevalence studies that UTI accounts for the highest proportion of all Health Associated Infections (HAI). The population at risk of these infections in all settings are predominantly older people.

Following the development of the Scottish Government’s integrated care agenda and the recognition that this ‘at risk’ population of older people move between health and social care facilities, this UTI surveillance pilot study was designed for both settings. 

The objective was to test the feasibility of incidence surveillance being conducted in both care homes for older people within the social care system and non acute hospitals within the NHS.

Registered nurses and care staff were trained together on definitions and methods to conduct the UTI surveillance pilot study. The training was positively evaluated by participating staff.

From the results of this UTI pilot study the Short Life Working Group concluded tha​t if surveillance was continued it would provide valuable intelligence for these settings; also if the improvement tools continue to be promoted the expected result would be that rates of UTI and CAUTI could be reduced in this vulnerable older people age group.

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