Vaccine Incident Guidance: Actions to take in response to vaccine errors

Publication Date: 21 May 2019

This guidance is intended to be used by the wide range of professionals with a lead role in delivering immunisation programmes.

These include amongst others: 

  • immunisation coordinators
  • Consultants in Public Health
  • health protection nurses
  • pharmacists

The aim of the guidance is to:

  • provide a starting point from which to consider the appropriate response to vaccine incidents
  • provide consistent advice to vaccinators when incorrectly handled vaccines have been administered to patients and minimise the consequences of those errors
  • ensure vaccines are given correctly and have the best chance of providing protection
  • encourage vaccinators to work in an open and supportive environment in which they feel able to report vaccine incidents without fear of recrimination

Resource information

Health Protection Scotland
Publication type:
Guideline and Guidance